When doing dry work, it is very important to training your body to move powerfully. A common mistake is to only focus on the end result when doing dry drills, and not focus on what it takes to ultimately get that result. This is where VeloPRO is dramatically improving dry work. The immediate feel and feedback that you receive on each rep shows you your incorrect movements, and retrains your body to move on time and powerfully. Get your’s today and begin maximizes every rep you take! www.veloprobaseball.com @casa_de_oldwin
This is filthy. An opposite side fastball with plane is the hardest pitch to throw. To properly execute it, you have to stay loaded into footstrike, and most important.... stay tall and chest out until the ball is out of your hand. This way your hand is able to get out in front and power down. @veloprobaseball @perfectgameusa
Great stuff here from 11 year old Arelius Vendrell from Brooklyn, NY..... from both sides of the rubber! As pitchers, we all want consistency and velocity. The issue is that we tend to leak both on our way to the ground by lunging forward with our upper body, and opening up too early. Now, with VeloPRO, you can feel what is happening AS YOU’RE THROWING, so that you know where this movement breakdown is occurring, and fix it within a matter of reps. It has never been easier to tap into the power and movement that you aren’t using. VeloPRO is the number 1 tool that you need to immediately improve your athletic performance! Get your’s at www.veloprobaseball.com
Love the simplicity of this delivery! Look how quiet the upper body stays. Once the front foot is in the ground, the back half fires. Not currently a VeloPRO user, this young right hander is perfectly displaying the basic premise of the VL Harness.. gaining heel connection with the ground while still loaded on your back hip, so that your arm can work on time. Want more velo? Better pitch quality? Let VeloPRO help you get there! @veloprobaseball
Listen to how late you hear the hand. This is what a firm, well supported breaking ball looks like. The easiest way to sharpen/firm up your breaking ball is is to learn how to properly support and stay behind it. If you do not stay loaded in your back hip, your upper body will drift forward, and cause the arm to drag. This is the biggest cause of inconsistent breaking balls, due to the fact that your hand can not get to a consistent, leveraged position. VeloPRO teaches your body to stay connected to the ground, and to move on time, so that you can properly support your breaking ball. Although this pitcher is not currently a VeloPRO user, that is exactly what is happening here. Strong support, and a leveraged, late hand acceleration. Hundreds of pro arms are using VeloPRO to help sharpen up their breaking balls.. and it will help sharpen your’s as well! Get your’s today at www.veloprobaseball.com @farrellpitching
“... I finally got my velopro and I love it.Gonna definitely take some time to get used to it but I can feel a difference already in the first day!” Great stuff from @alexdhayer19! VeloPRO will give you IMMEDIATE movement enhancement! Thousands across the country are adding VeloPRO to their drill/workout routine because it IMMEDIATELY goes to work correcting issues that so many athletes deal with. You will feel the difference as well on every rep from VeloPRO’s sensory feedback system. Feel like there’s more in your arm? Let VeloPRO help you get it out! www.veloprobaseball.com
VeloPRO is currently solving the previously unsolvable for thousands across the world. Not staying loaded into footstrike is one of the most common issues faced by pitchers of all levels. It has always been that you had to wait until after to watch video, or discuss with coaches how you did. But now you can feel it IMMEDIATELY, and train your body to accomplish this on every single rep through FEEL. This is why Major League Baseball and NCAA baseball are all about VeloPRO.. because it makes adjustments to your movements in a matter of reps rather than a matter of weeks. Although not currently a VeloPRO user, this right hander is a prime example of what it will help you accomplish. Listen to how you clearly hear the front foot strike in the ground before you hear the arm whip through. This allows for maximum energy transfer from the ground, and proper support for the arm stroke. www.veloprobaseball.com @thefutureofbaseball
The amount of support and energy transfer you put into each pitch is determined by how well you get your base solidified before firing the lower body. If you start to rotate prior to getting the front foot into the ground causes arm drag, and inconsistent velo and pitch quality. VeloPRO is YOUR KEY to getting the most out of each and every pitch. Look at the easy gasoline being thrown here. Although not currently a VeloPRO user, this pitcher is a perfect example of what we’re saying here. Look how the front foot is clearly secure in the ground prior to firing. VeloPRO will give you the feel you need to stay loaded into footstrike, and get the most out of each fastball! Get your’s at www.veloprobaseball.com @ultimatebaseballtraining
“I’ve been using your product and I’m seeing better results every time I get out there.” — This is why VeloPRO was created.... so that you can finally get the feel that you need to address the common issues pitchers face. Drifting forward, flying open, etc.. are always talked about. However, there has never been a way to 100% know if it’s happening while you’re putting work in. Video is great, but then you don’t find out about the issue until after the fact. VeloPRO is revolutionizing the game by giving athletes the ability to feel issues WHEN THEY OCCUR! Get your’s today and change your game! www.veloprobaseball.com @e_sth_had
“Velo pro transformed my swing and brought my game to the next level 💯💯” .... Here’s more evidence for you from @andrewdicostanzo that VeloPRO is FOR REAL! It is solving the previously unsolvable, giving the athlete the ability to feel movement breakdowns and where they are occurring. It has never been easier to fix the most common issues that plague hitters!
When the back hip drives into footstrike, the head has to stay over it. This is the point where most movement breakdowns occur; as Hitters tend to drift and go at the ball with their front shoulder. The immediate sensory feedback that VeloPRO provides is exactly what you need to be able to tell if this breakdown is occurring in your swing. VeloPRO will take the guess work out for you, and you will no longer have to ask “Am I drifting forward still?”........ Because you will FEEL it happening! Get VeloPRO today and revolutionize your training! @bryan_pennington___

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