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@mura_designcon // r a i n y S U N D A Y i n // RM Residence • Bold yet warm enough to make you forget just how cold, wet and windy Melbourne is today! It’s ok though, less than a fortnight until spring is here 👊 @abeyaustralia Sink @blancoaustralia Pullout tap @artedomus Elba Marble Top @artedomus Basaltino Nero Island Bench Appliances and integrated fridge/freezer @Miele_com Photography @aspect11 Interior Design @fgrarchitects & @mura_designcon Built by @mura_designcon
@abeyaustralia @blancoaustralia @artedomus @artedomus @Miele_com @aspect11 @fgrarchitects @mura_designcon @mura_designcon
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7 months ago