Meliá Vienna

Achtung⚠️TIME DRAIN!!! 😱 Since I have started my own business I appreciate my spare time more than ever before. ⏰ I think of how and most above who I am spending and sharing my time with. 🤔🤗 The internet offers many opportunities but is also a tempting place to waste a significant amount of time! 😱 We all have been caught by funny cat videos on YouTube 🐱 or checking on pictures on Instagram of people we even don't know for hours. 👤 But I also try to schedule my time wisely👨‍🏫 and rather have a run outside 🏃‍♂️, attend a museum🏛 or plan a trip for the weekend to a European city🌇👫 All this is giving me the energy and ease I need to face a busy week. What is your time sink? 🤪 Or what gives you the energy to be focused again? 🎯🔋

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