Ummm not today homeboy lol I’m good with just me and my babies!!! #notwithit #onmymommieflow #donewithrelationships #Noneedtoapply #notansweringtoNoOne #lolhadmeintearstryingnottolaugh
Happy Father’s Day @mh091886 the Father of my 3 minions! No matter what we go through I appreciate you keeping our kids 1st! I hope you enjoy today. 10 years of Fatherhood!!!
Throw back!! Before babies!! Lol I’ll go back to being this fat in a heartbeat!
My reasons why!!! Failure is not a option, being the best me and mommy is my goal! Anything more is a plus!! #momof3 #moviation #poolsidevibes #mygreatestblessings #mommyhood #alstongang
My mission to the better me WILL NOT BE DETERRED !!! Letting go of it all! To anyone who’s hurt me, lied on me, stole from me, tried to curse my life, the ones who made me feel less than, unworthy or anything negative, you’re forgiven!! I’m no longer living in those emotions. See in order for me to receive the blessing that are for me I have to make room!! I pray for your healing in your brokenness. I choose better, I choose life, I choose happiness, I choose GOd, I choose me!!! I declare and decree the curse is broken !!! #blessed🙏 #workit #walkinmyauthority #imfree #Alstongang #wiser #growth
Shine bright like you know you have Favor over your life 💕💅🏽💁🏽‍♀️ #blessed🙏 #GGI #notworried #shinebright💎 #bloopthereitis
Life it too short!! Gotta love the life you live and if you don’t make the changes!!! Can’t make everyone happy, start with yourself. Even my haters I see y’all, be easy!! Even y’all need to be happy even though you’re praying your my downfall lol just make sure you’re ready for my bounce back. My comeback game is strong 💪🏽 #peachingtothechoir #gettingtomyhappyplace #takebackyourlife #justwannabehappy

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