It feels so good to just relax in Miami! Nice warm water, a little too much seaweed when you are close to the shore, but exploring the ocean with my children, traveling, going on adventures together,creating positive memories together is unbelievable! I’m so thankful for having the opportunity to live my best life ! #lovinglife❤️ #lovemyfamily #pretty #miamibeach #pretty #family #memories😍
Made it to the ATL! I’m so proud of my tink! She is brains and beauty #likehermomma interested in Bio-Medical Engineering and Law school Patent Attorney or Medical Malpractice Lawyer! My girl has been through so much, and through it all she held her head up high, studied, focused, 3.8 gpa, and still had time for her friends! My baby girl is no longer a baby, and I’m so proud of her! I’m still a momma bear though, and if anyone lays a hand on her, looks at her sideways, raises their voice, or disrespects her, I’m coming for you! I’m sweet but relentless, I always have my boyfriend, #nra, and I’m not afraid of prison 😂! She may be away in college, but I’m always just around the corner, and I have perfect aim 🎯! If she goes to far away I may have to uproot to be closer ! Joking, but not really ! 😂😂😂💪🏽❤️❤️😊#lovinglife❤️ #mykidsaremylife #girlsdayout #crazymom #twining #kenanandkel #kelmitchell #allthat #lovinglife❤️ @iamkelmitchell @therealasialee
Ok I wanted to finally go on an adventure with my kids! This is definitely an adventure! Amtrak train is a good idea, if you want to see the beauty of the United States, but not if you really have to stick to a schedule. I still had fun though watching my kids learn something new and enjoying doing things differently! I would definitely take them on a train again! They had a blast, as long as there are outlets, and WiFi 😂😂😂! #crazymom #lovemyfamily #lovinglife❤️ #amtrakviews #mykidsaremylife ❤️😊☺️😍
I must say @ronnie_3rdbase did well this weekend! Even with politics! Yes, there is politics and other things in Ellite Baseball! 😩 As a young black player with a single mom, trying to provide the best opportunities for my son, I have to demand respect, take no s@$; call it what you want to call it! I’m going to always advocate for my kid, for the fairness of the game, and for real baseball! My son has the world stacked against him, but I’m ferocious, I’m a savage, and a beast ! My son will be bigger, stronger, and smarter than me! He is hands down the best glove at third base, the fastest hands, and the best power hitter in his division! Every decision one makes has a consequence, I’m going to work with you, but his dad not so much! Respect is earned and it’s everything you have, some people die for it! #youcantstopme #baseball⚾️ #imlovingit #imtakingyourposition #freeagent this year is his year! So if you are looking for a player to help you compete in major tournaments DM me! #diehardbaseballmom #knowhisname #ronnie #letsgetitdone #Perfectgame next ! #usssabaseball #usssafuturesallamerican #lovinglife❤️
Last day of USA invitationals! Awesome experience, great kids! #baseballswag #usssabaseball #baseballlife⚾️ #travelballlife⚾️❤️ #nofilterneeded #godsowncountry #naturalsunlight
An injury warming up today prevented him from playing in the last game of the tournament! That’s horrible but I’m so happy that last night he finally got to be a kid, playing with his friends, swimming, xbox, and PlayStation. I forget he’s only 10 sometimes💪🏽⚾️❤️#baseball⚾️ #usssabaseball #usssafuturesallamerican #usssabaseball
Get your me time! Put on a black dress, let your hair down, put on some red lipstick! Just because you want to you. Not for anybody else, but you! You are worth it, you deserve it! #pretty #livinglifetothefullest #lovinglife❤️

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